Aerospeed 18, probably one of the prettiest yachts

Aerospeed 18
Aerospeed 18

The  Aerospeed 18 is a carbon fibre, 55-knot, V12-powered superboat.The exterior will built by carbon fiber.

The boat is still a concept.It is rumored that only ten boats will be built.

The  engines will be two 900hp V12 diesel engines (probably built by MAN) and will be able to make the boat run at 55-knot top speed.

The racing exterior look does not mean that the boat will not be luxurious inside.On the inside you can find four berths over two cabins and there’s even a small crew cabin aft

It features a large garage big enough for a to fit a medium sized jetski.

The boat is available in amany colours , as you can see from the pictures. Rainsford Mann has even rendered a version in the iconic Gulf Racing livery, which looks sensational.

These boat can be yours for around £2.25m.