Around the world with a Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Around the world with a Mercedes-Benz G-Class

In 1988, Gunther Holtorf resigned from Lufthansa, bought a Mercedes-Benz 300GD which he called “Otto” and decided to start an adventure. This adventure was completed almost 26 years later, after having gone through 890,000 km in 215 countries!

In the early years, he visited Africa with this third wife. But in 1990, she left him, but Gunther was not disappointed. He put an ad in Die Zeit and through this, he found Christine. After that, the two of them traveled in N. America, reaching 200,000 kilometers in 1998, when he was in Argentina. The next stop was the Central America followed by Canada and Alaska, before changing continent going back to Australia.

Gunther, Christine and “Otto”, visited countries like Syria and Kazakhstan, where the 300GD reached 500,000 km. Then, the couple saw Afghanistan, Turkey, Caribbean, Cuba, England and all other European countries. Unfortunately, in June 2010 Christine Gunther died, but  he continued his journey after promising to her that he will. He’ went to China and S. Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia and the last destination was Berlin, Germany.


“Otto” still had its original engine. According to Holtorf, it rarely broke, but he always had spare parts stored in aluminum boxes on the roof. The biggest problem occurred in Madagascar, when overtaking another car, the G-Class slipped into the soft ground and overturned. A quick trip to Europe and “Otto” had a new bodywork.

Around the world with a Mercedes Benz G Class


The vehicle will be exposed to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. On this occasion, Mercedes-Benz announced the G-Class Edition 35 which is available on the G350 BlueTEC and the G500. The version features 18 inch wheels, black shiny decorations, metal, leather and shiny black upholstery with the baseline in Germany costing €101,031 and €112,812 euros, for the G350 BlueTec and the G500 respectively.