Aston Martin AM37 with 1,040 hp

Aston Martin AM37 with 1,040 hp


The Aston Martin AM37 is manufactured by Quintessence Yachts in collaboration and it has been developed by the engineers who worked on the One-77, Vulcan and DB11.

Aston Martin AM37 with 1,040 hp

The design of the speedboat is very impressive, with its interior design being reminiscent of a supercar, featuring carbon, wood and leather.

Apart from the design the most impressive thing is the power of the speedboat. Its basic version is wearing two V6 petrol engines of 430 hp each, producing a total of 860 hp, the next version is equipped with two diesel engines delivering a total of 740 hp and the top version is wearing two V8 petrol engines producing 1,040 hp!

As for its price, it starts from €1.4 million, with the top version costing approximately €1.8 million. You can watch the video below with Harry Metcalfe reviewing the AM37.


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