Citysurfer Concept by Mini

Citysurfer Concept by Mini

Mini presented a two-wheeled prototype, which was developed to improve individual mobility in large cities. It’s called Citysurfer and it is a folding electric scooter.

Citysurfer Concept by Mini
It is easy to carry, it weighs about 18 kg and uses an electric motor mounted on the rear wheel hub that allows you to accelerate up to 25 km/h. The small electric motor of the Mini Citysurfer is activated only when the driver, pushing with his feet reaches a certain minimum speed. The lithium-ion battery, located under the platform, can be recharged through regenerative braking, a home plug or by using a car with a 12-volt socket.

The autonomy guaranteed is between 15 and 25 km, enough to run around in the city center.
The Citysurfer is equipped with a height-adjustable handlebar and two hydraulic disc brakes. It has lighting equipment and a flexible storage for smartphones with built-in charging connector.


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