FCA presented 4 new Uconnect Access services

FCA presented 3 new Uconnect Access services


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles at CES presented four new Uconnect Access services. The first is called “Vehicle Finder” and as you can understand by the name, it gives the driver the opportunity to find where he has parked the car in the event that he has forgotten. Through an application on his smart phone, the owner can activate the horn of the car to help him identify it.

FCA presented 3 new Uconnect Access services

The service “Send Destination to Vehicle” allows the owner to send the destination that he wants to go, to the Uconnect system of the car via smart phone, while the services “Monthly Vehicle Health Report” and “Vehicle Health Alert” sent emails to the owner with data on the “health “of his vehicle. The systems monitor several vehicle functions, such as the transmission, brakes, suspension system and fuel system.


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