Felino cB7

Felino cB7

In the 2014 Montreal International Auto Show, Felino, presented the second generation of their supercar , the cB7. The cB7 is the creation of a successful racing driver from Quebec called Antoine Bessette. 10 years ago, he created a company that offered top event planning and driving courses at advanced level, until 2012, from then he devoted himself entirely to the construction of the cB7.

Felino cB7   The aim of Bessette was to create a vehicle that literally and figuratively surrounds the driver. The first thing that was designed, was the riding position and then all the rest (including the drivetrain and the body) built around it. The prototype was completed in 2012 and the company decided that the second generation would be a production model. The cB7 is based on a tubular chassis, a new suspension and it has a weight distribution of 50:50. The bodywork is made entirely from carbon fiber, while the extensive use of ultra light material that results in the weight not exceeding 1,100 kg. The car is equipped with a V8 6.2 liter engine producing 525 hp with 663 Nm of torque. Felino cB7 2014 will be the last year of development of the car, Bessette will test the second prototype with two more cars that are already sold. In 2015-2016 , the Canadian hopes he will be able to produce normally the cB7. The price you will have to pay to have this car would be $100,000 !!!


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