Kode 0 by Ken Okuyama

Kode 0 by Ken Okuyama


The designer of the Ferrari Enzo presented at the Quail Motorsport Gathering the Kode 0. The Japanese designer worked in the past on Pininfarina overseeing some of the most important projects, among which were two of the most iconic models of Ferrari: the Ferrari Enzo and the P4/5.

Kode 0 by Ken Okuyama

Before moving to Italy, Okuyama worked both for General Motors and Porsche contributing decisively to the design of the 911 (996). From 2008 onwards, he founded his own “workshop” of industrial design, presenting at the Geneva auto show, in the same year the K.O 7 Spider, while last year he presented the Kode 57.

Today, he revealed the Kode 0, a car that apparently is based on the Lamborghini Aventador. It is equipped with a 6.5-liter V12 engine, which delivers 700 hp and 690 Nm of torque, that enable it to reach the first 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds. Presumably, the Kode 0 will not be built in more than 20 units, with its price being unknown at the moment.


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