Lexus will build a hydrogen fueled car by 2020

Lexus will build a hydrogen fueled car by 2020


The Toyota Mirai is the first production car in the world that uses hydrogen fuel cells. Lexus wanting to follow in the footsteps of Toyota wants to launch on the market a luxury SUV by 2020, that will be fueled by hydrogen, while maintaining unchanged the characteristics of the company, such as luxury and performance.

Lexus will build a hydrogen fueled car by 2020

The head of Lexus in Europe, Alain Uyttenhoven in his statements indicated that they are trying to adapt the technology developed by Toyota on the standards of Lexus.

The problem we have is to adapt this technology to a normal car. We will do it in an SUV, but we also need to offer the performance that is required by a luxury car.

said Uyttenhoven

Lexus with the help of the hydrogen fuel cell technology and existing technologies, wants to reach their target of CO2 emissions.

We will achieve the target of 95 gr/km until 2021 without the use of a plug-in hybrid technology.

For Lexus to be able to adapt the technology of Toyota on their luxury of SUVs, they should focus on performance. The Lexus RX450h boasts 308 hp, so the hydrogen-powered SUV of Lexus should also be at these levels. The Mirai of Toyota, for example, has just 155 hp from its electric motors, while it can do the 0-100 km/h in 9.6 seconds, which is not very fast for a car in the premium category.


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