Mercedes AMG GT Roadster Super Bowl promo video


Mercedes has prepared their Superbowl promo video for the AMG GT Roadster. The video targets the audience of baby boomers (currently 53 to 71 years old) as it is a tribute to the legendary Easy Rider movie.

It starts with a group of tough motorcyclists who drink in a bar and one of them puts on the juke box the Steppenwolf song “Born to be Wild”, which is the musical theme of the movie. To strengthen even more the reference, the camera turns into a shrine in the bar, where there is a poster of Easy Rider and a motorcycle tank with the American flag, like that of Peter Fonda in the movie.

The people in the bar continue to drink and fight, when one of them comes though the doors announcing that they have been blocked in, so everybody heads out. Outside Peter Fonda himself, gets in his Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster and disappears into the sunset.

The AMG GT of Mercedes is certainly wild and the promo video is a masterpiece and certainly touches those who now have the money for such an expensive car.