Nick Chester: At Barcelona we will be at the level we want

Nick Chester At Barcelona we will be at the level we want

Lotus encountered the first Grand Prix of the season as another winter test and not as an opportunity to get points or compete with other groups. The many economic problems encountered by the team last year and this year seem to have been resolved after the sponsorship package of Maldonado.

Nick Chester At Barcelona we will be at the level we want

In a difficult year, with many changes and even more new systems on the cars, it was reasonable that lost test would hurt the team and greatly complicate the program. The Technical Director of Lotus, Nick Chester, hopes to improve the performance of his team in the next races , while admitting that this is very difficult thing to do before the first European race. This means that you should probably get used to the sight of the E22 at the end of the grid, at least for the first four Grand Prix. Chester said:

I’m certainly hoping for an improvement at Malaysia and then some more at Bahrain, although as they are one after the other it is likely to be a small improvement. We¬†may even be in Barcelona before we are in a more stable position and compete at the level we want to be at.

The driver of Lotus, Romain Grosjean, took the issue a step further, saying that despite the economic problems being solved, the team needs to be filled by more people to operate correctly. According to rumors in the paddock, Lotus last year fired 100 people from Enstone, in order to handle new economic difficulties.


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