SYM Maxsym 600i ABS

SYM Maxsym 600i ABS

The new Maxsym 600i ABS has already acquired is a gorgeous scooter that is ideal for moving inside the town.The new Maxsym will be the flagship of the SYM and it a proposal for a high-performance luxury scooter, with highest levels of safety and ergonomics. Moreover, according to the company, the price will be even better than the one of the 400s.

The Maxsym 600i ABS enchants with its dynamic appearance, the striking lines and the aerodynamic shape. The front section is characterized by the “muscular” design with double lights in transparent crystal. The design of the back, expresses the elegance of the bike elegance, having two stylish LED lights.

SYM Maxsym 600i ABS

Impressive and functional, the dashboard provides many informations to the rider. It has a round digital multifunction display, analog display with chrome details and a soft lighting panel. The specially designed saddle is lined with durable non-slip material of high quality and has adjustable backrest for the driver and the passenger, ensuring real comfort.

Under the comfortable saddle, the opening of which is done automatically with the help of a double hydraulic mechanism, there is ample storage space available with interior lighting, which can accommodate two full face helmets.

SYM Maxsym 600i ABS

The four compartments located inside the front legs and between the legs of the driver, provide additional storage space, with one of them having a 12V power supply and a USB port for charging devices.

The aerodynamic design, two position adjustable windscreen provides amazing protection from the wind even at high cruising speeds. The magnetic safety switch lock and anti-theft safety system has a switch under the seat that cuts power.

SYM Maxsym 600i ABS

The Maxsym 600i features a powerful liquid-cooled four-valve engine of 565 cc that has a maximum power of 46 bhp @ 6,750 rpm, torque 48 Nm @ 5,000 rpm, electronic Keihin fuel injection system and, according to SYM, it consumes 4.78 liters per 100 km. Together with the tank capacity of 14.2 liters, it ensures adequate levels of autonomy.

Besides the luxurious appearance, comfort features and high performance, the Maxsym 600i ABS ensures flawless driving behavior. The telescopic fork, double adjustable shocks with a 5-way preload and lightweight rigid chassis provide a sure grip and ride quality.

SYM Maxsym 600i ABS

The brake response is immediate, the last generation system of Bosch ABS 9M, has exemplary operation and ensures short stopping distances for the vehicle. The 600i features a large rear disc brake of 275 mm. and two front disc brakes (275 mmt.) with 4 piston calipers and high pressure pipes.

Large wheels with alloy rims and tires 120/70R15 front and 160/60R14 rear, provide excellent grip, effectively overcoming the bumps. The frame, tubular steel spaceframe, offers stability and rigidity achieving maximum flexibility and driving precision. The counterweights on the steering finally provide greater inertia on the steering wheel for well balanced driving.

SYM Maxsym 600i ABS




Wheelbase: 1555 mm.

WIDTH: 825 mm.
LENGTH: 2270 mm.
HEIGHT: 1410 mm.
SEAT HEIGHT: 750 mm.
WEIGHT (DRY): 233 kg
Capacitance. TANK: 14.2 liters


TYPE: 4T, 1R, 4R, Y / Y
Diameter x stroke: 92 x 85
POWER: 565 ml
MAXIMUM HORSEPOWER: 46 hp / 6750 rpm
MAXIMUM TORQUE: 4,9 kgm / 5000 rpm
Top speed: 165 km. / Hour
CONSUMPTION (50 km. / Hr): 4.35 liters / 100km
CONSUMPTION (in WMTC): 4.78 liters / 100km


TYPE: Steel tubular spaceframe
FRONT TIRE: 120/70-15 ”
REAR TIRE: 160/60-14 ”
FRONT SUSPENSION – ROUTE: Telescopic fork – 106chlst.
REAR SUSPENSION – TRIP: Two adjustable dampers – 108chlst.
FRONT BRAKE: 2D/275 mm. (With ABS)
REAR BRAKE: D/275 mm. (With ABS)