Old Concept Cars: Aston Martin Twenty Twenty

Old Concept Cars Aston Martin Twenty Twenty

At the 2001 Geneva auto show, Aston Martin presented the Twenty Twenty concept. A creation of Fabrizio Giugiaro, that was based on a chassis of the DB7 Volante.

Old Concept Cars Aston Martin Twenty Twenty

The car had an exposed chassis with “brushed” aluminum, external hinges for doors and the characteristic “Shark” mask.

The fully working prototype had parts of plastic and carbon fiber, and lots of deliberate gaps left between them so as to assess better the visual effect provided by the parts of the chassis.

It was equipped with the 6 liter V12 engine of the DB7 Vantage, producing 500 hp. The car had a targa design and its interior was very luxurious. Unfortunately it never made it to production.