Old Concept Cars: Nissan Trail Runner

Old Concept Cars Nissan Trail Runner


Nissan presented at the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show the Trail Runner, which aimed to be a real Sport Utility Vehicle. The Trail Runner, is reminiscent of something from the Dakar rally. It was based on a Sunny N14 GTi-R, which had the ATTESA all-wheel drive system that was also equipped in the Skyline GT-R.

Old Concept Cars Nissan Trail Runner

The car had a special interior, with intense coloration and several innovative features like a head up display and a navigation system. Its most impressive aspect was the huge spoiler, which could be used effectively as a rack for a snowboard. The Trail Runner had also a spare tire, which could be pulled, from a drawer located in the car’s rear bumper. Nissan never decided to send the car to production.


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