Old Concept Cars: Volvo XC90 PUV

Old Concept Cars: Volvo XC90 PUV


Volvo on November 2, 2004 presented just before the SEMA auto show, the XC90 PUV, their proposal for a high-performance SUV. The PUV acronym, meant Power Utility Vehicle, with the car being a product of the US Department of the Swedish company, produced in cooperation with the Aria Group, which was responsible for the overall result.

Old Concept Cars: Volvo XC90 PUV

The car was sitting 5 mm lower than the normal XC90, and it had a wider body kit, with its racing red color to emphasize its sporty character. It had a new front bumper with a very large opening, which helped cool air pass to the engine compartment and the intercooler. It also had a new grille, fog lights, side skirts and it was standing on forged wide diameter wheels. These wheels housed huge brakes of 8-pistons in the front axle with 381 mm discs and 4-pistons at the rear axle with disks of 330 mm.

The car was equipped with a 4.4-liter V8 engine with a large turbo, that produced 650 hp. The power passed to all the wheels through a new six-speed automatic transmission and an improved version of the electronically controlled Haldex of Volvo. The car had a weight of 2,091 kilos and it could do the 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, with its top speed reaching 300 km/h.


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