Vanguard V7

Vanguard V7


The clothing company Vanguard celebrated the 50 anniversary of the Moto Guzzi V7, by creating a limited version of the Vanguard V7.

Vanguard V7

The idea of the construction of the new model was assigned to Gannet Design, a company of Switzerland. According to Ulfert Janssen of Gannet Design, the Vanguard V7 gained key design elements from the clothing company, it got its own shade of blue from the color of jeans and its saddle acquired special leather to match the jeans feel of Vanguard.

The bike features a specially designed exhaust and it is manufactured with great attention to detail, combining both classic and modern elements. Its tank remained the same, with minor modifications to accommodate the fuel cap, while its subframe was lowered.

According to Ulfert, the design is a little retro and certain details lead us a few decades back. Overall the image of the bike is classic and beautiful.


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