Volkswagen is considering the T-Roc R

Volkswagen is considering the T-Roc R


Frank O Welsch, head of research and development of Volkswagen wants to release to the market the T-Roc R, that will produce around 300 hp.

Volkswagen is considering the T-Roc R

The idea of a T-Roc R started earlier in May, by Herbert Diess, President of VW, but Welsch had indicated that there was only one T-Roc R for testing purposes.

“The future of the T-Roc R has not been decided yet”, said Welsch, but also he expressed more confidence for its production. “It’s worth it, and given the information that we will gather from the car, I’m sure that there will be many customers who will like it”, he said.

Bear in mind that the T-Roc is an SUV based on the Golf that will enter the SUV segment dominated by the Nissan Qashqai and it will be launched on the market in fall of this year. It will use the same mechanical parts as the Audi Q2 and the SEAT Ateca.

Welsch had also said in the beginning of 2017 in regards to the T-Roc: “I could imagine it with more powerful engines and the car has already been prepared for this. I wouldn’t call it a GTI, an SUV is not a suitable vehicle for this badge, maybe I could imagine it as an R.”


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