Windows in the Car

Windows in the Car

Microsoft on Build 2014, except that it announced the return of the Start Menu in Windows 8.1, the technology giant did also a demonstration of Windows in the Car, its own platform, which carries applications of the Windows Phone operating system in the central console of the car.

It uses the MirrorLink connection technology and borrows elements from the user interface of both the desktop and the mobile operating system. Many functions are assigned to keys on the touch screen, so the actions are executed immediately and without requiring the driver to take his eyes off the road. In addition, emphasis has been given to use voice commands, through which, actions can be performed without requiring driver intervention on the screen.

At present it is not clear when the Windows in the Car will arrive in commercially available car models. Microsoft personnel is already working on tests on real cars and are able to carry out demonstrations of certain characteristics.

Windows in the Car

Also the automakers that will make use of this platform have not been announced. Some companies, such as Citroen, Honda, Toyota and VW, have incorporated into their models the MirrorLink technology, which is compatible with systems of Alpine and Pioneer.

Finally , it is worth noting that Microsoft has provided technology solutions to create entertainment systems in cars. Ford, Kia, BMW, Nissan and Fiat have used special versions of Windows to create user interfaces and systems, which are incorporated in various car models.


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