2017 Yenko Chevrolet Corvette producing 800 hp

2017 Yenko Chevrolet Corvette

Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE), presented the Yenko Chevrolet Corvette, that produces 800 hp! The car is based on the Corvette Grand Sport and it is equipped with 6.8-liter LT1 V8 engine, with forged crankshaft and aluminium pistons, with the cylinder head being modified.

2017 Yenko Chevrolet Corvette

The engine has a 1.8-liter supercharger, with the car’s torque being 1017 Nm. The car is available with two gearboxes, with the first one being an 8-speed automatic and the second one a 7-speed manual.

The Yenko Covette will be available in a coupe and convertible version and the cost of the package will be $46,000, while only 50 packages will be built by the company.