3D printed Shelby Cobra

3D printed Shelby Cobra


Oak Ridge National Laboratory presented a 3D printed replica of the Shelby Cobra. The body of the impressive car is printed by 20% ABS plastic, reinforced with carbon fiber and it consists of five major parts: the tip and tail measuring 30 cm in length and hood, the passenger compartment and the trunk, which is significantly larger.

3D printed Shelby Cobra¬†From the design of the vehicle to the final product, the process lasted just six weeks. The car is equipped with an electric engine producing 134 hp powered by batteries that are fitted under the bonnet. The engine is mounted on the rear axle and thanks to the vehicle weight not exceeding 680 kg, the “Cobra” accelerates to 96 km/h from a standstill in less than five seconds, having a top speed limited to 130 km/h.


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