HD Street 750 Makku Brat Cafe

HD Street 750 Makku Brat Cafe


The Indian tuning firm Rajputana Customs is responsible for the first custom motorcycle, based on a Harley Davidson Street 750.

HD Street 750 Makku Brat Cafe

Rajputana Customs is just 300 km away from the Harley Davidson factory in India, where the Street is constructed.

The last creation of the tuning firm is called Makku, made in a style known as Brat Cafe, and the work done on it is so extensive, that it does not resembles the motorcycle that it is based on.

The bike features an upside down fork from a Suzuki GSX-R with harder springs and longer stroke than the original fork. The two rear shock absorbers, were replaced by a vertically mounted single shock, with the gears of the final drive being custom-made.

HD Street 750 Makku Brat Cafe

The rear subframe is new, with the beautiful high profile tires in classic style being from Coker Tire, with 16 inch braided wheels of HD. The clip-on handlebars are custom-made, with the grips being of Arlen Ness.

In the next stage according to the Rajputana Customs, the Makku will acquire a brand new custom tank, sills pulled backwards for a more low driving position, custom exhaust, a new center on the front wheel, and a second front disc brake.


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