BMW X5 2014

BMW X5 2014
BMW X5 2014

These are the first pictures of the new BMW X5 of 2014 that had been leaked on the internet and more specifically from a brochure from a company which manufactures miniature cars (Jadi Modelcraft).

As you can see the new BMW X5 with the code name F15, combines a mixture of design characteristics from new and future Bmw’s. The front and especially the lights and the new grille remind us of those of the new 3 series while the fender vents remind us of details seen in the 4 Series Coupe Concept, while the back has similarities with the new X3. The new X5 will be higher and wider than the existing generation and will be a seven seater car.

The new model will be built on the platform “X for All” and its total weight will not exceed 1,815 kg. Despite the larger size the new generation will be on average 150 Kg lighter than the current X5 and will also reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

It is roumored that the engines will include a new engine 2 liter diesel, which will produce 245 hp, a 3 liter diesel with 302 hp, and a V8 4,4 liter twin turbo petrol engine which produces 402 hp.

There will also be a Hybrid version that will combine a twin turbo 3 liter petrol engine and an electric engine which will together produce 340 hp and 450 Nm of torque. There are also rumors thaere will be a smaller hybrid version with a diesel 2 liter engine and an electric motor of 20 hp, the combined force of the two, will be 224 hp.

The X5 M will be equipped with the S63Tu Twin Turbo V8 engine of 4.4 liters from the existing X5 M, M5 and M6. The power will be approximately 555 hp and the torque over 680 Nm. The X5 M will be different from simple versions with a bodykit, larger wheels, quad exhaust tailpipe and
specially designed suspensions and brakes.

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