Honda CTX700 and CTX700N


Honda presented the CTX700 and CTX700N. The two cruiser motorcycles, use engines from the NC700.

“Today we’re announcing the release of the final model for 2013, but we are really excited to give everyone an early look at some incredible new machines for 2014,” said Honda Press Manager Bill Savino. “We introduced a number of terrific new bikes in 2013, and now we’re carrying that momentum forward with even more innovative models that cast a fresh take on riding. These new models are not only exciting in concept, attention-grabbing in looks and fun to ride, but they will bring great value for the money. He also added that in the future we will see other bikes in this series but they will differ as to the capacity and the architecture of the engine. This contrasts with the usual practice of manufacturers who use acronyms to describe a family of model that carry a specific type of engine.

The CTX acronym means Comfort (comfort), Technology (technology) and eXperience (experience). The CTX series of Honda will have high levels of comfort and technology but also the unique driving experience that will provide the rider with ease of handling.

The two new models will use the extremely economical engine that we saw for the first time in the NC700. This means that there will be a version with DCT dual clutch gearbox. The major difference lies in the new subframe which, in combination with the shorter path of the suspensions and the different design of the saddle has brought the amount seat height at 720 mm. (from 830 mm. in NC700), also the center of gravity of the bike has been lowered accordingly.Finally, small differences arise, because of the lowering of the wheelbase, which amounts to 1,530 mm. over 1,540 of the NC700X and caster angle is now 27.7 degrees from 27 degrees in the NC700X.

The CTX700 and CTX700N naturally differ, in appearance. The inspiration for the design came from Honda Goldwing GL1800.

At present there is no information on the introduction of two new Hondas in Europe. For the U.S. market, the price of the basic version (without DCT and C-ABS) is set just over $ 7000.



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