Rumours: Chrysler killing the V8 Hemi

Rumours Chrysler killing the V8 Hemi

The Hemi V8 engine of Chrysler’s in one of the most powerful and historical engines of Chrysler. Unfortunately, according to rumours it is reaching the end of its life. We live in times of downsizing, times of “green” engines and environmental consciousness, and whether we like it or not, manufacturers must adapt to the times.

Rumours Chrysler killing the V8 Hemi

“We are in a very interesting time at SRT”. “Obviously we are still investing in our Hemi, it’s a great powerplant for us, it’s elegantly simple and makes phenomenal power and I think it’s still relevant today.”

Said the head of SRT, Ralph Gilles. Gilles also said though that the only reason why the Hemi is still in production, is because of the demand, then he continued saying that the company is in continuous contact with their customers and fans through social media in order to approach the situation. “Modern fan of muscle cars becoming increasingly open-minded,” he said.

 Plymouth Superbird

Plymouth Superbird equipped with a Hemi 426

Replacing the Hemi with a new, more modern engine would happen by the end of the decade while Gilles tried to justify the probable removal of the Hemi from SRT, saying that the AMG and the M division did the same thing with some of their engines.