Marussia MR03

Marussia MR03

Marussia announced its new F1 car for 2014, the MR03. Some last-minute problems delayed by two days the car from testing at Jerez. The team of engineers worked non-stop since yesterday afternoon, when the car arrived at Jerez and finally they managed to have it ready today at 4, for the first exit from the pit.

Marussia MR03

The car has an engine and gearbox from Ferrari, it is the first year of cooperation between the two teams, while the front suspension is a push rod, with the Garindan nose standing out. The bardge boards seem to be quite small in size, while the team did not follow the trend in which the pod wings are attached to the side pods. Finally, the rear wing there is discreet central pillar, the rear suspension is a traditional pull rod. There are small air intakes on the bonnet , probably to cool the turbo.

Engine Specs


  • Displacement 1600cc
  • Maximum revs 15,000
  • Turbo charging Single turbo
  • Fuel flow 100kg/hr
  • Maximum Fuel capacity 100kg
  • Configuration V6 90° Cylinders 6 Bore 80mm Stroke 53mm Valves 4 per cylinder
  • Injection 500 bar