Audi and Volkswagen are recalling 582,000 cars in US



Audi and Volkswagen are recalling 582,822 cars sold in the US through three different recalls. The first two recalls involve security issues in a possible crash, while the third is the most important, since it involves 342,867 Audi cars and it is about a problem of overheating of the electric cooling pump, due to it being blocked in certain parts by garbage, which is very likely to result in the event of fire in the engine compartment.

This recall involves the Audi cars wearing the 2.0 liter turbocharged engine and specifically the 2013-2017 A5 (including the Cabriolet), the 2013-2017 Q5, the 2013-2016 A4 Allroad, the 2013-2016 A4 and the 2012-2015 A6. Audi announced that they will call the owners of these vehicles from 20 February 2017 in order for them to visit the company’s official workshop, in order to fix the problem.

The second recall involves 234,064 Audi Q5 produced between 2011 and 2017 with the problem being a possible corrosion in the detonators of the curtain airbags that are responsible for the head protection of the passengers. According to Audi the failure can happen due to a problem in the drainage system of the panoramic roof, where water can reach the sensitive part of the airbag.

The third recall involves 5,901 models of Audi and Volkswagen and concerns potential glitches with the ignition of the airbag. Specifically, a problem with the airbags is likely to occur in the 2017 Audi A4, A6 and A7 models, the 2017 Volkswagen Golf, Tiguan, and the 2015 e-Golf.


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