BMW R100 by Untitled Motorcycles

BMW R100 by Untitled Motorcycles


Untitled Motorcycles presented a custom 1983 BMW R100, that looks very beautiful, combining, new and vintage design elements. The bike was stripped apart and was reassembled again. Its engine has been revised in its entirety and has it has many upgraded parts.

BMW R100 by Untitled Motorcycles

It has a 19 inch front wheel and an 18 inch rear wheel. Its electrical system is completely revised, while the color used to repaint the fuel tank, reminds us of the color of M-Power cars.

The tank is coupled with a completely hand-made, leather saddle, while the front part of the bike features a round yellow headlight.

All the above modifications make the bike a true piece of art. Untitled Motorcycles has turned an old bike in a modern-classic that has nothing to envy, from current day classics.


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