70 Years of Ferrari

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Ferrari produced their first car in 12 March 1947, then in an unknown village of Emilia-Romagna one of the largest motoring legends was born.

70 Years of Ferrari

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of Ferrari. When the 125S was released, it was considered a road racing car, the lack of a windshield made it clear that it was not addressed to lovers of sporty driving, but to those who wanted to participate in races.

About 2 months later, Franco Cortese won on 20 May of 1947 the Grand Prix of Rome with the 125S, having an average hourly speed of 88.5 km/h. Other 5 victories were credited to the Ferrari 125S that same year, with the most important win being that of Tazio Nuvolari at the Grand Prix of Parma.


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