The cars of Kia at SEMA


At SEMA Kia presented the K900 High-Performance concept. The concept K900 is painted in matte gray color, it has a new body kit, 21 inch alloy wheels, black shiny ornaments, with its 5 liter V8 engine wearing two Garrett 2871R turbos and an intercooler so that it can deliver 650 hp. The car also features lower Eibach suspension and Ksport 8-piston brakes.

The cars of Kia at SEMA

Kia also presented the Ballast Point Sedona, a mobile bar which has sunroof, the rear has been converted to a regular bar with beer barrels and wood paneling.

The cars of Kia at SEMA

The last car is the Ultimate Karting Sedona. The car is painted in red and white, it has 20 inch wheels and it can carry two karts, one on top and one on its trailer.

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