The changes for the 2017 season of F1

The changes for the 2017 season of F1


Only some days are remaining, until the 2017 season starts, with the winter testing, beginning on 27 February. The differences on the cars of this year’s season are many, compared to the cars of the previous year.

The changes for the 2017 season of F1

Firstly the tires will be wider, reaching 305 mm at the front, from 245 mm last year and 405 mm at the rear, from 325 mm last year, while their diameter will grow by 10 mm, however the diameter of the rim will remain at 13 inches.

In addition, the front wing will have a width of 1,800 mm, compared to 1,650 mm of last year, with its design to be more aggressive. The rear wing, will have a maximum height of 800 mm, compared to 950 mm from last year, with its width to be increased to 950 mm, instead of 750 mm than we saw in 2016.

The diffuser will have a height of 175 mm, from 125 mm in the last year, while its width will be increased by 50 mm and it will reach 1,050 mm. Finally the maximum width of the floor will rise by 200 mm, reaching 1,600 mm.


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