Citroen DS X7 teaser photo

Citroen DS X7 teaser photo

With the Beijing motor show approaching (it starts on 20 April), Citroën gave us a teaser photo of its new SUV, which will be called the DS X7.

Citroen DS X7 teaser photo

Many stylistic elements are based on Wild Rubis Concept, which we saw last year, with the production of the DS X7 being just around the corner, with the car being sold exclusively in the Chinese market and even in some Asian countries but not in Europe. It is produced in Shenzhen, a new plant is part of the joint venture between PSA (Citroen) and the Changan Automobile Group, the big crossover will “marry power with finesse”. It shares the same platform as the DS5 and DS 5LS, which are already produced in the aforementioned plant, while having similar dimensions as the Volkswagen Touareg.

It will be equipped with a 1.6 liter turbo engine producing 163 hp and 240 Nm of torque, and also a stronger of the same engine will be available producing 200 hp and 275 Nm of torque. Finally , it may be offered with an atmospheric 1.8 liter engine producing 139 hp and 170 Nm of torque.

The initial value is set at 160.000 yuan (€ 18.800), with the most expensive version costing up to 200,000 yuan (€ 23.500).


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