Ducati 900 SS by Birdie Customs

Ducati 900 SS by Birdie Customs


Customizing a bike is often a difficult job, because one should know what to change and what to leave. This Ducati 900 SS of 2001 is a cafe racer built by Birdie Customs, a workshop in Moscow.

Ducati 900 SS by Birdie Customs

The bike features a new tank, a new seat and parts in carbon. The back of the chassis of the 900 SS was rebuilt to accommodate the new tail section, which was carved perfectly to change the position of the new seat, that is covered with leather. The seat is now lower, which also resulted in moving the pedal controls, to better fit the rider’s height. The bike has multi spoke wheels from the Ducati SportClassic range, wrapped in Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tires.

Finally, Birdie has updated the front fork and has also worked on the rear suspension to adapt it to the new features of the bike. Finally the bike’s exhaust system is completely hand-made by the workshop.


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