Featured Car: Volkswagen 1500 Notchback

Featured Car Volkswagen 1500 Notchback

Many of you know may know classic Volkswagen cars like the Karmann Ghia or the Beetle or even the K70, but few of you may know the Type 3 or Volkswagen 1500 and 1600 as it was known to the public.

Featured Car Volkswagen 1500 Notchback Our follower on Twitter, Wayne was kind enough to share with us photos and info of his pristine 1500 s, but first a bit of history, the car started production in 1961 and ceased in 1973, marketed as the Volkswagen 1500 and later came the 1600, the first body style was the saloon know as the Notchback, followed by the sporty shape of the Fastback, then the estate or station wagon, the Squareback.

The 1500 s, was the top spec model. The car has its original flat four engine with 6v electrics and dynamo. It was restored 13 years ago using only NOS parts. The body colour is kept to the original colour, of Nutria brown (L575) with a pearl white roof (L85) The interior is completely original, with some very rare items such as the Type 3 only rev counter, and the full ring horn push. Wayne tells us that he uses the car regularly for shows and camping trips, complete with a 1960’s Dandy trailer tent.

We thank Wayne again for sharing with us the info and the photos of his beautiful car. Also with this article we inaugurate the featured car of the month series of articles.


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