Felipe VI’s first car restored by SEAT

Felipe VI’s first car restored by SEAT


Seat surprised King Philip VI when during a visit to the brand’s factory in Martorell they presented him with his first car, fully restored, as if it rolled its wheels for the first time from the assembly line.

Felipe VI’s first car restored by SEAT

The golden Seat Ibiza of the first generation is equipped with a 1.5 liter  liter engine and it was a gift of the then King Juan Carlos to his son, Philip  on his 18th birthday. Of course, the restoration of the car was not an easy job. The odometer showed 152,000 kilometers and the engine had not worked in the last 16 years. Note that in this Ibiza was placed an electronic fuel injection, a system that appeared in the second generation of the Ibiza. Seat had to rebuild the chassis, interior, suspension and wheels, etc.

The Seat Ibiza of King Philip VI will stay in the Historical Collection of Seat currently including more than 250 vehicles.


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