Ferrari SF70H

Ferrari SF70H


Ferrari unveiled its new car for the 2017 season of Formula 1. It is named Ferrari SF70H and it is a clear homage to the 70th birthday of Ferrari, accompanied by the letter “H” for Hybrid. The new car will be driven this year by Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikk√∂nen.

Ferrari SF70H

The SF70H, compared to previous models, is a completely new car. It has a long nose, a shark fin and special air intakes, designed with the new regulations in mind. The car’s suspension has been revised and it is a push-rod at the front and a pull-rod at the rear. Compared to the competition, the SF70H has a smaller wheelbase.

The engine of the car, represents a step forward compared with the previous version, especially in the search for performance. The car has the Quadrifoglio verde symbol of Alfa Romeo on its rear part and it is painted in a red color with white details.


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