Honda CB900 by Sp9ine

Honda CB900 by Sp9ine


The Sp9ine workshop, presented a new cafe racer, based on a 1981 Honda CB900. The motorcycle is painted in a beautiful matte black color, it has a modified frame and a custom-made box for the battery using 16 steel gauges mounted between the frame tubes, just above the swingarm.

Honda CB900 by Sp9ine

The CB900 stands on Comstar rims that have holes on the outer rim of the wheels, to match the ventilated disc brakes. The tank of the bike was cut sideways to remove a few centimeters of width.

The Honda CB900 by Sp9ine has new carburetors and a 4-in-1 Delkevic exhaust system. Many of the alloy components of the bike have been polished and now they have a mirror finish.


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