McLaren 570S Track Pack

McLaren 570S Track Pack


McLaren presented the Track Pack for the 570S. This package adds more downforce and makes the car lighter. The car’s roof is painted in a Dark Palladium color, with its exhaust tailpipes being redesigned.

McLaren 570S Track Pack

The Track Pack version of 570S weighs 25 kilos less than the normal version, since all the leather parts have been replaced with Alcantara, with the car’s seats being made from carbon. Also, the rear spoiler, thanks to a remodeling, can raise up to 12 mm higher, offering 29 kilos more downforce at 241 km/h. Finally, the package includes a telemetry system similar to that of the P1 and the 675LT. The cost of the 570S MacLaren Track Pack is ¬£16,500 more, than the simple 570S.

Orders of the model whave already been launched and the first customers will receive their cars, early in the new year.


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