A McLaren P1 GTR is up for sale

A McLaren P1 GTR is up for sale


McLaren has built just 45 P1 GTR, with the car being the track version of the P1. One of these 45 P1 GTR is up for sale. This McLaren P1 GTR is the second GTR that came out from the factory in Woking, in October 2015 and it has not travelled even a mile.

A McLaren P1 GTR is up for sale

It is painted in a white color (White Silica) with dark blue lines and mechanically, its whole hybrid system produces 1,000 hp, 800 hp from the 3.8-liter twin-turbo engine and 200 hp from the electric motor.

It features a new body kit that produces large amounts of vertical aerodynamic pressure, consisting of a front splitter, new air intakes inspired by the McLaren F1, new side skirts, active aerodynamic AIDS, a huge rear spoiler and a new rear bumper with a diffuser.

It has large exhaust tailpipes made of inconel and titanium alloy and 19-inch rims with slick Pirelli tires. The P1 GTR weighs 50 kilos less than the P1, with the front part of the car being larger by 80mm. The car has an upgraded suspension, having a shorter distance from the ground, compared to that of the P1.


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