Mercedes W08

Mercedes W08


Mercedes presented the W08. The design on the muzzle has been maintained and the similarities with that of the W07 are many, however it seems that it is thinner, being also lowered slightly. The elements of the front spoiler are slightly altered, with the endplates having no changes.

Mercedes W08

The front suspension of the car is the same as last year, while the air intakes in the sidepods have an elliptical shape. As for the bargeboards, they have grown in size and gotten higher.

What we are seeing for the first time are the three vertical fins, rather than only one that existed in the W07. The rear suspension is a pull-rod, while the air intake above the driver’s head and the cover of the engine remains the same, which means that the car has no shark fin.

The car’s colors have not changed. In addition, the known color of Petronas occupies a greater area of the car, stretching across the side of the nose up and the front wing. This year’s Mercedes drivers are Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, who replaces Nico Rosberg.


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