Old Concept Cars: Alfa Romeo Diva

Old Concept Cars: Alfa Romeo Diva


Alfa Romeo presented at Geneva in March of 2006 the Diva Concept. The design and development of the model was done in collaboration with the Centro Stile of Alfa Romeo, the Fiat Research Centre, as well as Espera design of Franco Sbarro.

Old Concept Cars: Alfa Romeo Diva

It was presented as a spiritual successor to the legendary Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale, it featured doors that opened upwards, the typical Alfa Romeo grille, with the design of the front part to have some elements from the nose of the cars of Formula 1, with the front lights being LED.

Its side mirrors were placed high in order to improve the aerodynamics and its interior featured 4-point seat belts and a Momo steering wheel.

It was based on a significantly modified chassis of the Alfa Romeo 159 and it had carbon parts to increase rigidity and reduce weight. It was equipped with the 3.2-liter Busso V6 engine, producing 294 hp at 6,200 rpm, which was combined with a 6-speed Selespeed gearbox with paddles on the steering wheel.

It had a length of 3,894 mm length and a height of 1,182 mm, with its wheelbase reaching 2,402 mm. Its weight was almost 1000 kilos, having a weight distribution of 40% at the front and 60% at the back. It was able to make the 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds, with its top speed being 270 km/h. It looks a lot like the 4C, that Alfa Romeo released later.


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