Leaked photos of the new Porsche Cayenne

Leaked photos of the new Porsche Cayenne


Despite the fact that the official presentation of the new large SUV of Porsche is scheduled for 29 August, it seems that some photos of the new Cayenne were leaked online.

Leaked photos of the new Porsche Cayenne

The new Porsche Cayenne is much more elegant compared to its predecessor, looking like the Macan externally and like the Panamera internally.

The design changes are numerous and significant. For example the rear lights have changed completely, while its interior does not have switches, but it has a large centrally mounted touch screen that integrates the handling of all systems of the car.

The new Cayenne is based on the chassis used by the Audi Q7 and the Bentley Bentayga Bentley, while its weight is expected to be considerably less than that of the outgoing model.

The chassis of the new Cayenne can accommodate hybrid or purely electric powertrains, so we might get to see a plugin hybrid version of the car. Rumors also say that the car will incorporate all modern driving assistance systems and perhaps a semi autonomous driving system.


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