Saleen 302 live photos

Saleen 302 live photos


A member of the forum Mustang6G, found and photographed the 302 Mustang 2015 which will be officially presented on February 20, along with the Saleen ST, a tuned Tesla Model S.

Saleen 302 live photos

The car has a black front grille, ventilated hood, new side rear window, spoiler and 20 inch alloy wheels with high-performance tires. The Black Label pack adds new bumpers, aerodynamic skirts and a big air intake on the bonnet. Inside the changes are limited to the new instrument panel, the sills in stainless steel and special floor mats.

Mechanically, the entry-level version is the 302 White Label equipped with a 5,0 liter V8 engine with a reprogrammed ECU, larger injectors, high-flow air filter and a sports exhaust, making it produce 450 hp with 555 Nm torque. The Yellow and Black Label versions add a supercharger, intercoolers and a new air intake system, making the engine produce 640 hp with 765 Nm torque.



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