Teaser Photo of the McLaren Sports Series

Teaser Photo of the McLaren Sports Series


McLaren gave the third teaser photo of the Sports Series/P13, with the car being officially presented in the Geneva auto show in March 2015.

Teaser Photo of the McLaren Sports Series

From the picture we do not see something new as the camouflage of the new model hides many details, but we can distinguish the aggressive front bumper, the sculpted bonnet, the LED lights, the side skirts and the mirrors inspired by the P1. The British company has stated, that the car will be a competitor of the Porsche 911,  with the horsepower being most likely close to 560 hp. The car will be equipped with a version of the 3.8 liter V8 engine of the brand.

As a model, it will be placed at the base of the range of Mclaren and while in America it is expected to cost around $ 180,000, the Director of the Delegation of McLaren in the Netherlands, Arjen van Beek, confirmed some time ago that the car in Europe will cost around €200,000.


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