Techrules teases the GT96

Techrules teases the GT96


Techrules will unveil at the Geneva auto show, their first supercar, for which they have released a teaser image. The car will have laser headlights, rearview cameras and a new technology, called Turbine-Electric Vehicle Recharging (TREV).

Techrules teases the GT96

The TREV is in substance a range-extender system that uses a small-turbine to produce electricity and to charge the 20 kWh lithium-manganese oxide batteries that give energy to the six electric motors of the car. According to the company, this technology requires smaller batteries compared to existing systems, thus saving weight and space.

The turbine’s generator can fully charge the batteries of the car within 40 minutes. The car will have a dry weight of 1,380 kg and overall its electric engine system will be able to produce 1,030 hp with 8,640 Nm of torque, that will enable it to do the 0-100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds, with its top speed touching 350 km/h.

TechRules after the GT96 wants to concentrate on manufacturing more accessible city cars, aiming at a massive car production. The production of the GT96, will take place somewhere in Europe and it will be limited to 25 units per year.


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