Toyota Aqua X-Urban

Toyota Aqua X-Urban


About a month ago, Toyota presented the 2015 version of the Prius c (Aqua in Japan), with the car featuring small changes such as the new bumpers, new grille, the LED lights, the shark-fin antenna and new rear lights.

Toyota Aqua X-Urban

The model, however, is available in a crossover version if you live in Japan. The car is called Toyota Aqua X-Urban and it features a 20 mm. higher body, plastic protective covers on the perimeter of the body, separate 16 inch alloy wheels and two-tone paint job.

The interior features gray upholstery in the basic version, with the black or brown upholstery to be available in more expensive versions, combining leather with fabric.

Mechanical nothing has changed compared to the Toyota Prius c and so the Japanese crossover is equipped with a four-cylinder DOHC 1.5 liter petrol engine producing 75 hp with 111 Nm of torque combined with the drive Toyota Hybrid System II (THS II) producing 61 hp and 169 Nm of torque, delivering a total of 100 hp. The electric motor can move the car for 1.6 km with a maximum speed of 40 km/h, with the average gross consumption, to be 2.9 liters/100 km. The price of the car starts from ¥2,046,109.


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