Volkswagen Golf R Touch concept

Volkswagen Golf R Touch concept


Volkswagen presented at this year’s CES the Golf R Touch concept. The model has been built to give us a first taste of the cabin of the future cars of the German car company. It is equipped with large touchscreens and an infotainment system that supports gesture controls.

Volkswagen Golf R Touch concept

The Volkswagen Golf R Touch concept, is based of course on the Golf R, but it has a 12.8 inch touch-screen of high-definition at the center console and another 8 inch screen just below, where the controls for the air conditioning would be in a normal car. Also, the dashboard of the prototype Golf R, has been replaced with an “Active Information Display” of 12.3 inch with digital instrumentation.

The company says that both the main screen and the Active Information Display show whatever is chosen by the driver to display while the control unit of gesture control, uses a 3D camera mounted in the cab. When, for example, the driver touches the sky, the controls for the sunroof will appear on the large touch screen in the center console. Volkswagen says that the interior lighting system, supports up to 16.7 million colors.


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