Volkswagen teases the Arteon

Volkswagen teases the Arteon


Volkswagen released an official teaser sketch of the Arteon, a luxury four door coupe that will be presented at the upcoming Geneva motor show. The new Arteon will be placed above the Passat and it is one of the first all-new models that the German company plans to release.

Volkswagen teases the Arteon

The Arteon is the replacement of the Passat CC. The official sketch shows us the first design features of the model, which has a low silhouette and a discreet spoiler. According to VW, the Arteon will have a larger front grille and LED lights with three-dimensional design.

Part of the design characteristics of the new Arteon seem to have been influenced by the Sport Coupe GTE Concept that was presented at Geneva in 2015. Despite the fact that the Concept was a hybrid with a V6 TSI engine and two electric motors, the new Arteon will probably be offered with the Passat’s engine range.


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