2016 Paris auto show: Lexus UX concept

2016 Paris auto show Lexus UX concept


Lexus unveiled at the Paris auto show, the UX Concept, which according to the company, is designed to attract a growing group of new “connected” customers. The UX Concept features a beutiful grille, expressive lights and many edges throught its body.

2016 Paris auto show Lexus UX concept

At the back it has rectangular exhaust tailpipes, with its overall design giving it a sporty dynamism and an attitude. Regarding the interior, Lexus chose a four-seat configuration, with the front seats, being driver-focused and sporty and the rear ones, being focused on comfort.

The car does not have a dashboard, as all the info is hosted in a transparent sphere that combines analog and digital information. All switches are electrostatic and the front passengers have separate controls that are embedded in the armrest of the door.

Unfortunately, Lexus has not revealed what engine is equipped in the UX concept. What we do know, however, is that the production version of this concept will be the model that will replace the CT 200h, relatively soon.


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