RAM Rebel TRX concept

RAM Rebel TRX concept


RAM revealed the Rebel TRX concept, a very powerful pickup that is driven by a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine that produces 575 hp, combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission, which according to the company has special software for fast off-roading.

RAM Rebel TRX concept

The front suspension of the car has been modified so that the path is now increased to 33 cm while, it has been upgraded with a coilover with an external tank. The braking system has been updated with 6-piston Baer calipers with 381 mm discs at the front axle and 355 mm discs at the rear and. The RAM Rebel TRX concept features also a Dynatrac Pro 60 electronic differential and bead-lock wheels with 37-inch tires.

The car has also a new grille, that allows the supercharged V8 to “breathe” better, wide fenders, a taller bonnet, in order to fit the engine and 6-point belts on both rows of seats, to keep the passenger safe.

RAM presentd the car, so that they can assess the interest of the world and release it only if many people are interested in buying it.


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