Kia K900 2014

Kia K900 2014
Kia K900 2014

Kia unveiled at Los Angeles Auto Show the K900, it’s flagship luxury sedan. The K900 has the same wheelbase ( 3,045 meters) and the same tracks ( 1,620 front and 1,628 rear) with the Hyundai Equus design but differs as the flagship of the Kia looks like the premium version of the Cadenza.

The K900 will be available with two engines : the entry-level V6 Lambda of 3.8 liter that produces 311 hp and a larger V8 Tau of 5.0 liter producing 420 hp . Both engines come with a brand new 8- speed automatic transmission that sends power to the rear wheels. Regarding the suspension, the K900 has a fully independent layout with 5 links both front and rear and the V6 version will rest on 18-inch wheels while the V8 in larger 19 inch wheels .

The interior looks luxurious with plenty of leather and other quality materials . The better -equipped versions have adjustable driver seat with 16 different modes and Lexicon, 900 Watt audio with 17 speakers , 12- channel amplifier in the boot and an inverted subwoofer . The standard equipment includes parking sensors and reversing camera while the V8 version is equipped with the new system of the company, called Rear Cross Traffic Alert System. Other aids include Lane Departure Warning System, the Adaptive Cruise Control based radar and the Advanced Vehicle Safety Management.

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