Next Generation Toyota Supra

Next Generation Toyota Supra
Next Generation Toyota Supra

The successor to the Toyota Supra, according to the latest rumors, will be presented in 2017 and will eventually be equipped with a hybrid turbo 2,5 liter four cylinder engine that produces 400 hp.

The new Supra will be built in collaboration with BMW and will have a revised chassis from the GT 86.Tetsuya Tada, chief engineer of Toyota in a recent interview said that Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota, asked him to start producing off Supra’s successor as soon as possible.
Tada said Toyota has given the green light to produce 3 new sports cars, one of which will be the GT 86.

The other will be the new Supra while for the other car Tada gave no response whatsoever, with rumors indicating that it will be the car that will replace the Toyota MR2. Tada said that the GT 86 took 5 years to develop and reasonably the same years are needed for the other two sports cars. Priority will be given to Supra with the entry-level. Tada himself has stated in the past that the spiritual successor to the Supra will not be a hybrid.
There might be a prototype of the new Supra at the Tokyo exhibition in November 2013 and perhaps it will borrow design elements from the FT-HS concept.

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